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Editing the event list page

The event list page is a page that shows a listing of events being organized by the same account.  Events that will be held in the future are listed.  This page is intended for event organizers.

If you're organizing a series of seminars or presentations, you can use this so that people can view a list of upcoming events.

Event list page sample:
List of EventRegist Seminars - http://eventregist.com/p/EventRegist-events


  • Page title
    You can set the title of the event list page
  • Customize the URL
    You can set the URL of the event list page
  • Main Image
    You can set the main image for the event list page
  • Description
    You can publish a description of the event list page
  • Other settings

    Social Media Buttons
    You can place social media buttons on your page. Select the social media that you would like to use.
    Display Facebook comments
    On the event list page, we can display the facebook comments plugin. If you don't need it, remove the check.
    Display Live Tweets
    On the event list page, you can pick a Twitter hashtag and display tweets. If you want to use this feature, enter a hashtag here.
    Display a Like Box
    You can display a Facebook page plugin on your event list page. To use this, enter the URL of your Facebook page.
    Use Google Analytics
    You can add Google Analytics tracking to your event list page. If you wish to use this, you need a Google Analytics ID. You should enter the code beginning with "UA".

  • Hiding events from the list
    If there are events that you don't want to publish on your event list page, please insert a check.
  • Publication status of the event list page
    If you don't want to publish your event list page, place a check in "Don't publish Organizer's event list"