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EventRegist Check-in App (For organizers)

The EventRegist check-in app is an app for event organizers using the EventRegist platform.

Using this app, event organizers can scan the QR codes on the tickets carried by event attendees and easily manage admittance to their event.

  • At reception, attendees can be checked in without having to confirm identity
  • There's no need to prepare a ticket list and check-off attendees


▼PDF Ticket Sample ▼ Sample of attendee app
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On EventRegist, you can download the App for Organizers (Check-in App) free of charge.

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Using the app, organizers carry out the QR code scanning. Scanning a QR code is complete after 2 to 3 seconds. Even if there are an amount of people waiting before the event starts, just from scanning the QR codes you can quickly eliminate the waiting queue.


By scanning the QR Code, the exact hour and minute that they arrived will be recorded. If you're online at the time, you can get an idea of the number of people at your event at a particular time.  Finally, from the EventRegist admin dashboard, you can download data on who came to your event.

A users manual for the Check-in App can be downloaded from this library.