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About the Check-in App

Managing attendees on the day of the event

Using the EventRegist app, we can easily handle attendee reception management on the day of the event.

Please download and use the app on the day of the event - download is free.

What can I do with this app?

  • View the event attendee list - multiple events are supported
  • Admitting attendees to an event: Attendees can be admitted to the event by scanning QR codes on their ticket
  • Admitting attendees to an event:Attendees can be selected from an attendee list and checked into the event.

About the online environment

The default for this app is to be used in an online environment. Offline check-in is also possible.

The check-in app usage manual can be downloaded here.

How to check attendees in

Checking attendees into an event created with EventRegist is simple.

You can manage up to date attendee order status information and effect a smooth check-in process on the day of the event.

There are various check-in methods.

  1. Check-in by scanning the QR codes on the tickets carried by attendees
  2. Check people in by tapping the check-in button next to their name on the attendee list
  3. Output a list and use it to check people in

Please devise a check-in method that is appropriate for the nature of your event and the attendees.

About using the check-in app

  • Compatibility: Please check the installation page
  • For using this app, you need to be able to login to an EventRegist account.
  • If the device does not have a camera, you won't be able to scan QR codes.
  • To check people in, you need a 3G or WiFi online environment for transmitting data. You can also set it to offline mode.

Check-in app usage manual

You can download the check-in manual here.

EventRegist check-in app usage manual


You can download the app here:

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