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Converting a CSV file to Excel format

You can download the attendee list as a CSV from "Download Check-in List" under "Check-in Attendees". Converting CSV to Excel can result in moji-bake (incorrectly encoded characters) so please use the following process.

1.Download the attendee data from the EventRegist admin dashboard

2. The downloaded data will be a ZIP archive, so extract the file.

3. Without clicking on the CSV file, open up Excel.

4. From the Excel menu select "data" and then "Import external data" and then choose "text file".

5. On the file selection screen, select the CSV file extracted at 2) and then import

6.The wizard will display  Select "Fields separated by commas or tabs" as the "source data format"

   The source file is:

  • If you use Windows, select "Japanese (Windows, DOS)
  • If you use Mac, select "Japanese (Mac OS)"

Then click "Next".

7.On the next screen, select "tab" for separated by, then click next

8. The next screen shows a data preview.  If the data is not displaying correctly, select "character strng" as the "example data format".

9. If everything looks OK, click "OK" to finish.