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What's the difference between "applicant" and "attendee"?

With EventRegist you can view lists of both "applicants" and "attendees". 1 person can order a number of tickets together for friends or colleagues, so with this, we can get a grasp of who applied for the tickets and who is attending the event.

For example, if 1 person orders tickets for 3 people, you would get the following pattern.

To apply for tickets, the person must have completed EventRegist sign-up and have an EventRegist account. So if that person applied for tickets for 3 people, the email address to which the order confirmation is sent is that of the applicant.

To view the list of attendees on the day of the event, a convenient method is to go to the "Attendee List". If you want to download a list, go to "Attendee List" under "Manage Attendees".