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Can I delete or change a ticket once I've created it?

About deleting tickets

Once a ticket has been created, it cannot be deleted. If published tickets were able to be deleted, this would cause confusion among current and future attendees. If you want to change the details of the ticket, go to "Detailed ticket settings" under "Ticket & Price Settings"

For changing the details of a ticket

You can change the details of your ticket from "Detailed ticket settings" under "Ticket & Price Settings". You can change the following information.

  • Number of tickets on sale
  • Ticket description
  • Start/End date for ticket sale
  • Ticket limit per order
  • Ticket publication status

Once you've created a ticket, you can't change the ticket name or the ticket price. If you need to change this information, change the publication status of the ticket to "unpublished", then create a new ticket.