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Detailed Ticket Settings(1) Ticket Listing

On the "Detailed Ticket Settings" page, you can check a listing of the tickets you have created as well as change the following settings.

Issuing Receipt Data

When selling non-free tickets, it's possible to display receipt data.

If it is required, place a check in the "Allow the issue of a receipt" checkbox. fill in the items that will be recorded on the receipt and then save.

In the order that tickets are ordered, a serial number will be published with each ticket.  If this is required, place a check in the "Display serial number" check box.

You can view a listing of the currently registered tickets.  If you want to change the details of the tickets, click the settings button to the right of each ticket name.

If multiple tickets have been entered, you can change the order in which the tickets are displayed on the event page. If you want to change the order, click on the "Change Sorting Order" button next to "All Tickets".