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Editing Event Information

Once a page has been created, you can edit the content of your event using the "Edit event information" link.  From the listing of your event on the "My Events" page, click "Manage" next to the event you want to edit and then click on "Edit even information" from the left hand navigation menu.

Important notes

If you've sold at least one ticket, when you edit the event and save your changes, an email informing already registered attendees will be sent automatically. This is a feature for the benefit of attendees who have previously registered. so this notification cannot be turned off. Please be aware of this when editing your event.

Things you can do on "Edit event information"

Basic Information

  • Event Name
  • Event language: The language used to display the event page

Start and End Dates/Times

  • Start date/time, End date/time
    If the start time or end time hasn't been decided, place a check in the "Not yet determined" check box.
  • Time zone
    Select the time zone in which your event will be held (In the case of Japan, select (GMT+09:00) Osaka, Tokyo, Sapporo).

Venue Address

  • Venue name: The name of the venue where you will hold your event
  • Location: If you want to enter the venue address, URL etc., place a check in this check box.
  • Venue phone number
  • Venue URL
  • Postal code, Prefecture/State
  • Venue map: If you want to display a Google Map, place a check in the "Show Google Map" check box. Check that the map pointer is correct and adjust if needed.

Event Summary

  • Event logo: You can set an image that published as a thumbnail for use on the PDF Ticket, the Event Listing and for Facebook sharing.
  • Brief introduction paragraph: You can set a brief introduction that is automatically displayed on Facebook and other social media when the event page URL is shared (Open Graph Description).
  • Summary: The event summary that is published on the event page. You can change the character size and color, add links to external sites and add images (images must be hosted outside EventRegist with the URL to the externally hosted image set as the source for the image).

Event Page Settings (for advanced users)

  • Social button: For getting the word out about your event, you select the types of social media buttons that you want on your event page.  If it's a closed event where you'd prefer people didn't share, remove the checks from the check boxes.
  • Display the attendee list: Display a list of attendees on the right sidebar of the event page. The information displayed is at the discretion of the attendee. If nothing is entered, they are shown as "anonymous". If you don't want the attendee list to be displayed, remove the check.
  • Display Facebook comments: The Facebook comments plug-in can be added underneath the event summary.
  • Display Facebook Page Plug-in: If the event has a Facebook page, you can enter the URL of the Facebook event page and a "Like Box" will be displayed on the event page.
  • Embed USTREAM live video: If you want to live broadcast on the day of the event, you can add the embed code here and anyone will be able to view the USTREAM broadcast from your event page.
  • Use Google Analytics: If you want detailed information about those accessing the event page, you can add a new property using Google Analytics. Set Google Analytics tracking ID (UA-XXXXXXXX-X).

Password protection

  • Publish settings:  If you only want to make the page visible to a limited group of people, you can require a password to be entered when someone accesses the URL. If you would like the page password protected, put a check in the "Require a password to unlock your event page" check box, then enter a password of your choosing composed of Latin letters and numbers.
    When someone accesses a password protected event page, they are presented with a screen requesting input of a password as shown below.

Publish this event on your event listing page?

Also check here for more about the event listing page.

  • You can select whether the event is published or hidden.