EventRegist Help Center
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Event Admin Top

When you create an event page, an event admin page will be created automatically. The event admin top page will appear as follows.

Left side navigation menu

You can get to the various settings page for your event using the navigation menu on the left.

Event Admin Top Page

You can check the following information on your event admin top page.

General Info

  • Event page publication status
  • Number of days until the event starts
  • Number of applications received
  • Number of users considering attendance


  • Total order amount: Total of all sales to date
  • System usage fees: Usage fees on sales
  • Total net revenue: Total sales less usage fees (excludes any bank transfer fees)

Current number of page views (cumulative)

  • Current number of page views on your event page

Bank account for payment

  • In the case that you are offering non-free tickets, the account to which funds will be transferred is displayed here.

Ticket Information

  • Currently registered ticket information


  • Communication that has been sent to you through "Contact the organizer".