EventRegist Help Center
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Step 2: Enter event date, time and venue

Select Date and Time

Enter the start date and end date.


▶ What is "Not yet determined" under start date and end date?

If the start date or end date for your event hasn't been decided, check one or both of these boxes.

Note that you can change this later.


▶ What are "Hide start date on registration page" and "Hide end date on registration page"?

If the start date or end date isn't decided yet, you can check this checkbox.
Note that this can be updated later.

Note that if more than 50 days have passed from when a ticket is ordered to cancellation, purchased tickets will be refunded. The organizer will incur the following fees.

  • If the ticket is priced at 3,000yen or less, the cancellation fee is 300yen/ticket
  • If the ticket is priced at 3,001yen or more, the cancellation fee is 10% of the ticket price per ticket

Time zone

Select the time zone for the venue where you will hold your event. By default, it's set to Japanese Standard Time.


Enter the venue here. If you know the address of the venue, click on the "Publish" checkbox to enter the details.

You can display a Google Map on your event page. If you want to display the map, click on the "Show Google map" checkbox. You can check the map display and adjust as needed.