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Demo Pages

With EventRegist, you're in complete control of the design and customization. Depending upon on your objectives, you can design an event promotion page to your own taste.

Using the page below, you can try an actual registration. Please give it a try!

Basic Version Demo Events

You can make demo pages like these straight away just by signing up with EventRegist.


Example 1: For a seminar

EventRegist is well suited for events like business seminars or slightly more formal affairs.
Attendees will be issued with a ticket so even if you have a large number of attendees at your seminar, you can collect money and admit attendees smoothly.

>> Visit the sample event page (seminar)


Example 2: For a wedding after party

Different fees for male and female participants? Not a problem!
If you only want the page to be seen by those invited, you can put a password on the event page that restricts access. You can also remove the social sharing buttons from the event page.

>>Visit the sample event page (wedding after party)


Example 3: For a live music event

For a live music venue or a club event, you can sell tickets in advance, so you predict how many people you'll have on the day.

>>See sample event page (Live Music Event)



A Demo Event using our Premium Features

If you use EventRegist's permium features, you are able to use additional features needed for business event and trade shows etc.

  • For multi-track events (sessions in multiple venues)
  • Use promotion code with your event
  • Add payment methods in addition to credit card such as pay by invoice)

If you're considering using EventRegist for an event like the above, please contact us using one of the following methods.

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