EventRegist Help Center
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The EventRegist System

  • Create an event page

    All you need to create an event page is to decide on a name for your event, a start date and a ticket. It's also possible to freely set the design and URL. by setting a password on the event page, you can make it a private event.

  • Sell tickets

    Payment can be made by PayPal or credit card. If it's a free ticket, the handling fee is also zero. You can monitor the real time sales situation from the admin dashboard.

  • Widgets

    You can embed a ticket application form or an event countdown widget in your own website.

  • Receipt Data

    Receipt data is automatically issued. Attendees can print receipt data from their "My Tickets" page any time they want.

  • Spread the word through social

    You can spread the word about your event on social media networks like Facebook、Twitter、Linkedin、Google+ and LINE.

  • App for admitting attendees

    Using the check-in app for organizers, you can smoothly and quickly admit attendees.  Check-in can be managed by scanning QR codes or using a list.

  • App for attendees

    With the app for attendees, ticket holders can check-in without printing out their tickets.

  • Attendee Attendance History

    From the admin dashboard, you can bulk download event attendee and attendance data.

Event Organizer Usage Fees

Compared to the cost of running events until now, EventRegist usage fees are excellent value.

 Free Events
(Ticket price of zero)
Non-free Events
(Tickets aren't free)
System usage fee Free Free
Ticket sales fee Free 8% (taken from the ticket sale price)