EventRegist Help Center
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Step 1: Entering basic information

eTo create a new event on EventRegist, click the "Create New Event" button on the EventRegist index page.


Next, we specify the basic information for your event.

The information you can specify on this page is as follows.

Event Name

You enter the name of your event here. You can set this to any name of your choosing.

Password Protection

If you don't want your event page to be freely accesible, you can set a password on the event page. If you choose to set a password, check the "require a password to unlock you event page" checkbox and then set a password (single byte latin alphabet and numbers only) of your choosing.

If you go to the URL of a password protected page, you will be presented with the password confirmation screen.

Customize the event page URL

You can set the event page URL to a string of your choice (only single byte latin alphabet and numbers).  If you customize your event page URL it will appear as below.

▶ eventregist.com/e/YourCustomURLHere

If you don't need a custom URL, a pre-prepared URL will be applied.