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Paying with PayPal

Notes when ordering an event ticket

EventRegist is a service that enables anyone to easily create an event.

  • When applying for an event  ticket, please read the information on the event page carefully and use your own judgment before applying.
  • EventRegist takes no responsibility for any issues you may have in regard to the event. Please contact the event organizer directly.

Process for paying with PayPal

If you pay for your ticket using your PayPal account, you will use the following process.

1. Select the number of tickets to purchase then click "Order"


2. Enter your order information


3. After checking the information for the tickets you will purchase, click on "Pay by PayPal or Credit Card"


4. Select "Pay using PayPal account"


5. Login to your PayPal Account


6. Check the payment information and then click "Agree and Pay"


7. When the "Thank you for order" message appears, your purchase is complete.

When purchase is complete, you will be automatically redirected to the EventRegist "My Tickets" page.