EventRegist Help Center
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"My Events" page

"My Events" is a page for managing event that you have created. You can access it at any time after you have logged in by clicking on the "My Events" tab.

Event Status

All the events that you have created to date are shown in the My Events listing. The status, as shown in the status column, can be one of the following.

  • Live
    Events that are currently live.
  • Live(key symbol)
    Currently live events that are password protected.
  • Draft
    Events that are currently saved as a draft. They have not yet been published.
  • Canceled
    This is shown when the event has been created and then canceled.
  • Finished
    An event for which the end date has passed.
  • Under Examination
    Due to your event being under investigation by EventRegist, your event is temporarily unavailable on the site.
  • Withdrawn
    Due to our investigation of the content of your event, the event has been withdrawn from the site.

Editing Event Contents

In order to edit the event page, add tickets or manage attendees etc., click the "manage" button under the relevant event.