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Step 3: Setting up tickets and pricing

Creating a ticket

You can ad the details if your ticket here for both free tickets and tickets with a ticket price.
Note that you can add or delete tickets later as needed.

  • Ticket Name
    This is the name of the ticket purchased by attendees. For example "Pre-sales Ticket", "Participation fee", "A Seat" etc. Enter a name of your choice.
  • Price
    This is the ticket price. Please enter your price including consumption tax. The lowest price you can enter is 1,000yen.
    If you want to create a free ticket, check the "Free" check box
  • Quantity
    Please enter the maximum number of tickets that can be applied for. Once the number of tickets purchased reaches this limit, "sold out" will be  displayed.

If you want multiple ticket types, just click on "Add new ticket type" to add more tickets.


Once you've created ticket, you can't change either the ticket name or the ticket price. If you alter already entered information,it may cause confusion among people who have already applied for tickets.  If you want to change the information going forward, change the ticket status to "unpublished" and then create a new ticket.

The tickets you have created will be displayed on the event page as shown below.

In the case of free tickets, the credit card icons will not be displayed.

Payout Information

Note that "Payout Information" is only displayed for tickets with a ticket price.

Within 10 business days of the end of your event, EventRegist will send the total amount of ticket sales less our usage fees by bank transfer. Make sure to correctly enter the bank account information for receiving the transferred funds.

If you select "Will set later" you can skip entering this information, but if you don't enter the account information before the end of your event, there is a chance that payment to your account may be delayed.

Organizer information printed in receipt data

Note that receipt data can only be used with non-free tickets. If you're offering free tickets, please set this to "Off".

Attendees who have purchased non-free tickets can view receipt data from their "My tickets" page. If you want this option to be available, you can set the information that will be displayed in the receipt data here.