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About Usage Fees

Usage Fees for Event Organizers

Compared to the cost of running events until now, EventRegist usage fees are excellent value.

 Free Events
(Ticket price of zero)
Non-free Events
(Tickets aren't free)
System usage fee Free Free
Ticket sales fee Free 8% (taken from the ticket sale price)

Ticket purchasers pay no fees
Handling fees for electronic bank transfer to the organizer are incurred by the event organizer
The above is for transfers within Japan. Please get in contact with us for events organized outside Japan as they are a special case.

  • Process for receiving funds

    Within 10 business days of the end of your event, we will electronically transfer (furikomi) the total sales amount less the fees explained above to the account you have specified.

    Note:We will disregard any amounts that are less than 1 yen. For example, if the amount to be transferred is JPY35,690.6, we will transfer the amount of JPY35,690.

  • About bank transfer charges

    Transfers from EventRegist to event organizers will be from an account at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.

    For amounts of greater than JPY30,000, the transfer handling fee is JPY250.  For amounts of less than JPY30,000, the transfer handling fee is JPY250. The amount transferred will be the total ticket sales less the 8% usage fee and this bank transfer fee.

About Cancellation Fees

If the day that the event is cancelled is more than 50 days since the first ticket was purchased by an attendee, a cancellation fee will be incurred. For more about cancellation fees, go here.