EventRegist Help Center
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Merits of Using EventRegist (for attendees)

Registering for the event is easy and beneficial

EventRegist is a service for running events that enables anyone to easily create, promote and manage an event.

For event attendees too, it's a convenient and good value service.

No ticket settlement fees are incurred

Often, when purchasing event tickets, the attendee has to pay various handling fees.
With EventRegist, these kind of fees are completely avoided so event registrants are free from burdensome charges.

PDF tickets are delivered straight away by email

As soon as you've registered for an event, a PDF event pass will be delivered.
On the day of the event, attendees just need to present the QR Code printed on their ticket in order to quickly check-in.
* Depending on the event, QR Code compatible check-in may or may not be available.

You can easily share an event that you'd like to tell a friend about

The event page is fully integrated with social media platforms.
Using Facebook, Twitter, Line, LinkedIn etc., you can easily share information about your event.