EventRegist Help Center
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General settings

Organizers are able to conduct a survey to attendees after event.
Organizers are able to see and download answers on the page after receiving feedback

Please click "After event feedback >General settings" in the menu on the left of the Event Management Dashboard.



See answers to a questionnaire

To see answers, Please click "List of the attendee anwered a questionnaire".


You will serch answers in the condition that the "Questions answerd" box is checked in the after event feedback item of serch criteria. You will see the list of the attendee answered questions.

You are able to see the List of the attendee unanswered questions if you search them in the condition that the "Not Answered" box is checked.



How to download answers to a questionnaire

To see answers, please click "Donload the answer".


You will see Download Check-In List, please check boxies in "survey items" and click "Download".