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Follow the organizer

You will be able to receive notifications from the organizer when you follow them.

Follow the organizer

Follow list will not be displayed when there is no following organizer


You can follow the orgazier through "Organizer page", "Event page", "My Tickets page", and "Recommend Organizer's page".


Follow the organizer from the event page

Click "Follow" button to add following organizer.



Follow from My Tickets page

Click the "Follow" button in your My Tickets page and follow the organizer.



Add follow from Recommended Organizer page

Recommended Organizer will be shown by clicking the Recommend Organizer tab in Follow list page.



Click the" Follow "button shown on the page to follow.



Organizers you follow will be listed on "Following organizers" in "Follow List".



Unfollow the Organizer

To unfollow the organizer, hover the mouse over to the "Following" button of the organizer who is following and the button will change to "Remove follow", then click the button.


Click "Remove follow" button.


Please check if it is removed from "Follwing list" as well.