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Number of PV, Number of Participation Registrations and Attendance

Will explain the terms used in the dashboard page.


  1. PV number
    The number of page views of the event page, from the event disclosure start date to the end date

  2. Registered number of participants
    イumber of participation in event participation, number of participants. (Number of people holding tickets)

  3. Attendance
    Number of checked in participants

  4. Attendance (New)
    The number of new attendance (the situation where applicant 's participation record for participant registrant is not present)

  5. Attendance (Repeater)
    Number of attendance, the number of repeat attendance (state where the applicant for the participant has at least one participation record)

  6. Attendance rate
    Percentage of attendance in participation registration number.
    Attendance rate (%) = number of attendance / number of participation registered

  7. Attendance growth rate (compared to the previous survey)
    Attendance Increase Rate (%) = (Current Attendance / Last Attendance - 1) * 100 (%)

  8. Target event
    Select the event to be analyzed